Dear Unknown – A Syawal Letter

Hey you!

This could be another trash talk I have had promised I would not do. But girls surely could not hide it any longer not to scream it out loud. Now she thinks she can decrease a bit pressure by sharing it into writing, even though in fact it won’t happen. But I am just gonna do it anyway. Beforehand, may Allah bless me.

and also you there.

I know it’s getting so close, and I am sure you know what I am talking about. Thinking that you’re getting more unknown had me worried about what am I supposed to do. Oh please, listen to my emotional feeling first before I get into ‘my medicine’, it’s not gonna take you an hour, I promise.

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My Failure and Reflection of 2017

Hello people, peace be upon you! So, this year been so much blessing for me. And the most blessed is finally I’ve got my graduation day a month ago. Well, it was pretty amusing for the whole year, yet I don’t think I should thank myself the more for all the struggling. Why?

Because the one that deserve the most of my 2017 year is people surrounded me. And me, is the one that learn a lot of things. 2017 is totally mean. I mean, yes it is. The song sung by Taylor Swift, it’s surely all about it. Dealing with 2017 that more humiliated me in the first place.

I cannot blame anybody because the only problem is me obviously, I think 2017 is crueler that I’ve ever imagine before. Shortly, I got depressed in many aspects of life. Study, organizations, loves and family and more. The only problem is that I am not satisfied this whole year haha kidding. However, this is the coolest because it gained too much power for me myself that I could be stronger than I was before.

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