Dear Unknown – A Syawal Letter

Hey you!

This could be another trash talk I have had promised I would not do. But girls surely could not hide it any longer not to scream it out loud. Now she thinks she can decrease a bit pressure by sharing it into writing, even though in fact it won’t happen. But I am just gonna do it anyway. Beforehand, may Allah bless me.

and also you there.

I know it’s getting so close, and I am sure you know what I am talking about. Thinking that you’re getting more unknown had me worried about what am I supposed to do. Oh please, listen to my emotional feeling first before I get into ‘my medicine’, it’s not gonna take you an hour, I promise.

I am not sure if I had already seen you somewhere around and I honestly didn’t want to pretend like I knew you, even though I already did, but you just got me so mad to not even bother yourself thinking to propose me. You read that.

You know what, I can easily doing that stupid thing, chitchat-ing with somebody that try to chitchat-ing me, doing that silly illegal relationship which never give any clue to the final, something that wasting time so much and end up being so regretful. I can convince myself that those all are wrong so that’s why I keep my heart for ‘forever sweet new path’ and for a kind of sweet one too, just like you.

See, I have been fully making up myself as best as I can be so that you will be amazed by how much I plant this love and it’s crazy blossom for you when we’re finally home someday. Listen, this is not about me begging you to do that, I am just convincing you to do that in case nobody encourages you to go to that level.

The thing is, we both are waiting right? waiting the one. But I don’t know why you don’t take even one step ahead? It doesn’t even make sense at all. Me here the one who’s waiting, don’t you aware?

The more you unknown, the more I worried. This Syawal it probably won’t happen, but next Syawal, promise yourself you will make us both sit together, (wkwk) don’t laugh I am serious. You think it’s a joke? No not at all.

Remember, next year okay?

So now, this is the medicine. Listen, you, the one I don’t know, don’t you dare thinking that I am desperately expecting people like you to take me as yours. Even when you don’t feel like doing it, someone else is thinking about this, you know. Allah is ‘The Cupid’ between us, remember? Either you or him, I am sure, I am still going to marry somebody anyway. But my question, are you freaking sure to let me go?

So, pray Istikharah as much as you can. Don’t wait too long, because my dad is waiting for you to knock on his door. Xoxo

P.S A letter from a very independent woman from all around the world.

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