5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Respect A Niqab Woman

Honestly, I am terribly so peeved to know that a university in Indonesia declaired wearing Niqab is forbidden. It’s in my Twitter’s feed few weeks ago, one from my Following tweeted a news about dis-allowance of wearing Niqab.
Then I suddenly recalled my best friend, Siska. She has started to wear niqab. We’re roommate for 2 year recently and have been so close since 10 years ago. We met again last month and I saw her been using niqab already. I was shocked in the first place obviously. I never thought she would.

A woman decided to wearing niqab because of reasons that are many. One of them that I know is their purely self-awareness. In Islam, covering some part of our body is obligated. It’s totally it is. And wearing niqab could be obligatory or optional. It depends on the Mazhab they’re following.
I knew I shouldn’t need any explanation but anyhow I curiously would have a question about her decision. As my curiosity was dying inside, I barely myself to ask her what’s behind the reason she started to wear niqab. Finally the question’s just exploded. “What convince you to do it?” I hoped I asked her with proper question, it’s not sounding like I didn’t admit that, just a bit of wondering what’s powered her heart.
I also did some research on recent studies about society’s perception towards a wearing-niqab woman. I am not wearing niqab but I hope I can do the best to respect their decision. Here are some from many of the stories behind. Those also help me to really perceive all the things they’ve been through and it’s not easy. This is why we should respect someone’s choices of life.

1. Getting closer to God Allah Azza wa Jalla is all matters

There’s a lot of way we can find to be closer to our Lord. And for some, to wear niqab is one of the way that fit them. It’s acceptable as long as it’s still in the right path. And for this case, I undoubtedly will support all woman to the same thing.

2. Shunning themselves from badness (sin)

If you assume that a wearing-niqab woman is trying to hide their real identity, you’re totally wrong. They’re not hiding anything yet they just want to be treated and responded well as a woman. Something is wrong with your mind if you’re stuck in a shabby perspective when seeing them. You’re not supposed to run away or understate them, just respect their choice and temper them with kindly sympathy.

3. They’re struggling with many stereotypes

A terrorist. A terrorist’s wife. They’re not even. All of my wearing niqab friends are a kind girl and woman. They are so nice and friendly. Even my best friend started wearing it now. Genuinely, I have no reason to say that a wearing niqab woman is dangerous. Just because a negative stereotype has successfully been build by irresponsible groups of people, does not mean that the issues are true. You should go back to what’s in reality. And frankly speaking, a terrorist is merely the mass media construction. Please don’t say that again, please.

4. It’s a human right

We know that having religion is our constitutionally human right. If it’s ultimately all about them and their God, why would they been interdicting by many speculation? When the world are crying out laud speaking human right, why does it not apply to those woman? If the country is afraid of society’s being radicalism and fundamentalism, I suggest the government should dig for the actual information, not just judge somebody’s appearance that crucially affected someone’s believing.

5. Let’s raise more respects

Whoever you are, people will treat you the way you treat people. It’s highly unavoidable that more respects we cherish, keep us harmonies. We might easily find ourselves in difference state of mind. It’s human nature and we all know that we can’t control and force someone to like what we do. Indonesia is various ethnics country. And this all diversity should be the number one power that stands us together and stronger.

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