I Went to Korea for APYPW 2016


Do you see me? [Even though you don’t care], but if you see the orange sort of scarf in left sides, put your eyes a bit lower then you will see me with silk black hijab looking nowhere with no intention. Oh, and I like you to see my Ulos too, a traditional thing about my culture in Indonesia.

I genuinely have plenty of reasons to posting this story and I had no clue not to share, so I am sticking to even talked about few months ago (such an old one actually) or sharply a year ago. It’s my second time putting my feet on the land of somewhere else besides Indonesia. And that’s a kinda huge and big deal for me since Korea wasn’t actually in my list but Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT had another plan. Lanjutkan membaca “I Went to Korea for APYPW 2016”

A Lesson from Selena Gomez Song

Ramadhan udah memasuki hari ke 22. Tapi perasaan memang selalu Allah yang bolak balik yah, haha. Tiba-tiba aja malam ini aku pengen cerita tentang lagu yang baru aku denger belakangan ini, tentang bagaimana aku menilai suatu lagu yang kira-kira hampir-hampir sama dengan apa yang aku sedang rasain.

Aku juga gak ngerti kenapa nulis tentang ini but I’d really love to share what my thoughts on the lyric (sebenarnya karena maksud tertentu sih, ya mudah-mudahan yang gak aneh-aneh aja la ya!). Anyway, speaking of, I’ve started to like Selena Gomez when I first read about her from KawanKu Magazine in first grade of senior high school. Lanjutkan membaca “A Lesson from Selena Gomez Song”