Dear my little soul,

I am having a pointless situation,
losing hope, lack of motivation
and full of insecurity.
What’s wrong with me?
I have no clue at all.

Should someone tells me what to do?
I am doing a lot of things
but I feel I am doing nothing.
Should someone hits my head
and throw it to a failure holes?
Well that is a great idea.
I’ve been thinking about it all day.
Should someone hold me tight
and guide me what’s my path?
“Oh God, it’s not right!
What kind of future generation I am?!”

To my whole me.
You are now in the right
and probably right way
that God’d like to let you know
the truth that’s coming closer.
Me neither,
I don’t know it yet until it touches us.
It’s time to find out and catch it.
See, you’re having a great times
and amazing people around you.
What else to ask for?
You only need more time
to thank Allah SWT,
for amazing lives He gave you
until today.
Please be thankful!”

Medan, May 22 2017