Just a random girl surfing on the internet, being happy with her life, that you found anonymously in her personal blog. What do you think that ‘My About’ would be like? Click here for more… 

“When you see a person who has been given more than you in money & beauty then look at those who have given less” -Prophet Muhammad Saw


I made this for my own purpose of showing off the way it look to be styling with Hijab Syar’i in my very own way. I basically have nothing background on how to mix it properly, but I mostly match it to the way how it supposed to be in the rules and regulation of my religion. I don’t do fashion a lot more and do not even look like one, but it does not mean that I don’t like talking about it. Since I got business to run, I think it so important to share what I’ve got with me to all the people that love to know about random free-style that coming from someone like me, I hope.

I was so not capable of doing such a lifestyle and travel story, because I didn’t think that mine is interesting. But then I realize, it’s not about what other people wanted, it’s about me, what I like to share. Most of my lifestyle and travel blog is about a usual life of other people, not that much is special. However, if you think that you need some stranger’s story and become your inspiration on how you live your life, this blog could be one of a thousand of bloggers all over the world. I write everything I like to write.

This place is actually where I would love to explore my creativity. Having a great sense of creativity isn’t really me. Then so, I am trying to kind of discover my own passion in creating and inventing the ability of make something new or modifying things. Hope everyone will have fun on reading my ‘master piece’ and love to hear your every feedback and see you again when you come back.